Attorneys argue as hearing adjourned for Cooperstown shooter


COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - A local criminal case that has garnered media interest from New York City to Mumbai, India, continued Wednesday with an unusual legal proceeding that included the two attorneys yelling at each other in Otsego Town Court.

Anthony Pacherille was supposed to have a felony hearing on several charges Wednesday, including second-degree attempted murder and first-degree attempted assault.

Pacherille, 16, of Cooperstown, is accused of chasing another teen, Wesley Lippitt, through downtown Cooperstown with a rifle, then following the teen into the village police station and shooting him in the arm. Police say that after they ordered Pacherille to drop the gun, he turned it on himself.

Pacherille's felony hearing was adjourned Wednesday over the very vocal objections of his defense attorney, James Hartmann, of Delhi, NY. Hartmann insisted that, because a judge at a prior arraignment had placed Pacherille in the custody of the Otsego County Department of Corrections, it was up to the department to get him to court -in spite of the fact that the teen has not yet been discharged from the hospital.

"Legally it's irrelevant that he's in the hospital," yelled Hartmann in court. "He could be on the moon - it doesn't matter."

At one point, Hartmann said that Assistant District Attorney Marvin Parshall didn't even try to get Pacherille to court. This accusation led to a heated back and forth between the two attorneys: "Yes, we did!"...."No, you didn't!"

After several seconds, Judge James Wolff adjourned the case, asking the prosecutor to contact Bassett Hospital and inquire about when Pacherille will be released so that another felony hearing may be scheduled.

Defense Attorney Hartmann pointed out that, by law, a defendant in custody must be given a felony hearing within 144 hours of being charged. Pacherille was charged on Friday, April 2. Prosecutor Marvin Parshall said there are exceptions to that law, and that his office would likely pursue hospitalization as one of those exceptions.

A new felony exam for Pacherille has not yet been scheduled.

Prosecutors would neither confirm nor deny that a teen at Wednesday's proceeding fitting victim Wesley Lippitt's description was indeed him.

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