Hanna out raises Arcuri in first quarter


(WKTV) - Along with being Tax Day, April 15th is also the deadline for political candidates to file their first quarter information with the Federal Elections Commission.

Congressman Michael Arcuri's campaign waited until the very last night to file.
They raised just over $207,639.90 in the first quarter, leaving them just shy of half a million dollars on hand.  74%of the donors were from within the district.  88% were what's called 'grassroots donors' donating $200 or less.

Meanwhile, Arcuri's opponent, Republican Richard Hanna released his numbers on Monday.  The Hanna campaign raised more than $350,000 in the first quarter of 2010.  91% of the donors are from the district.  60% donated $100 or less.

The Congressman was appreciative of all the money raised.

"Especially in these tough times, it means so much to me that people all throughout the district continue to contribute to my campaign," Arcuri said.  "I can't thank them enough for believing in what we've accomplished together and the work that continues."

In 2008 Hanna fell just short of upsetting incumbent Arcuri in the race to represent the 24th Congressional District.  In fact, the race was so tight, ballots were recanvassed.

Hanna announced his candidacy back on January 20th.  Congressman Arcuri has yet to announce.






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