911 caller speaks out on night of fatal shooting of Deputy


AUGUSTA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Neighbors who live on Knoxboro Road in the Town of Augusta found themselves thrust into the fringes of a six-hour standoff Monday night that ended Tuesday morning with the shooting death of an Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy.

Christine Kazlauskas lives across the street from suspect Christian Patterson.

Patterson's long-time girlfriend, Shannon Secor, ran to Kazlauskas' home Monday night following an argument with Patterson. Secor was so distraught, she was unable to call 911. Kazlauskas had to call the police for her. She says she and her husband spent a lot of time with Patterson and Secor throughout the past four years.

"We were shocked," Kazlauskas said. "Everybody has their ups and downs, but the extreme nature of the situation, we were very shocked."

Patterson remains in a medically-induced coma following surgery on several major organs. Prosecutors in the Oneida County District Attorney's Office are waiting for him to regain consciousness so they can arraign him on aggravated murder charges.

In the meantime, officials with the Oneida County Sheriff's Department find themselves faced with the difficult task of grieving the loss of one of their most promising young deputies, while gathering evidence to prosecute his accused killer...and at the same time, planning a funeral expected to be attended by thousands.

"We did not inform any of the law enforcement agencies until late yesterday afternoon what the arrangements were and once we did that, we've been getting almost on a five-minute basis, individuals and agencies calling, telling us how many are coming, what they're bringing," says Captain Richard Antanavige, who added that Deputy Kurt Wyman's widow, Lauren, wishes the funeral to be open to the public.

Sheriff Robert Maciol announced Thursday that the next planned news conference regarding the murder of Deputy Kurt Wyman will be on Wednesday, but added that if new details emerge before then, the department will issue a press release.

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