Arcuri: New bill could create work, jobs at Remington Arms


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - Remington Arms could be getting a new multi-million dollar contract if new legislation is passed in Washington, D.C.

Congressman Michael Arcuri was in Ilion on Friday to introduce a new bill called the "Small Arms and Innovation Act." According to Congressman Arcuri, the bill will allow company's to compete for additional federal small arms critical parts contracts. Currently, just three companies, Colt, Dynamics, and FN Herstal are making firearms for the military.

Arcuri said a bill will help companies like Remington Arms increase business and hire more workers. Currently, Remington churns out 2,300 firearms per day.

"We are definitely in the position of expanding our military and defense presence," says Jim Rabbia of Remington Arms.

The federal government recently allocated $5 million to upgrade the army's sniper rifles. Remington Arms hopes the new legislation will help them secure the sniper rifle contract, and many more.

"We have good paying union jobs and we are still hiring," says Rusty Brown, president of the union. "This company is constantly bringing in new business."

Arcuri said he plans to introduce the bill to Congress next week.

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