New indictment for corrections officers accused of drug possession


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Two Oneida County correction officers were in court Thursday on a new indictment accusing them of drug possession.

Prosecutors moved to have the original indictment against Zachary Lazore and Peter DiNardo dismissed. District Attorney Scott McNamara says the dismissal was because a judge found that the search warrant for DiNardo's home was issued with insufficient probable cause.

The new indictment against the two does not include any of the evidence found in that search, including cocaine allegedy found in DiNardo's home. It does include the original charges of possessing and selling steroids.

McNamara says his office is avoiding any possible cause for appeal.

Both Lazore and DiNardo are due back in court May 13 to decide on a plea offer from the District Attorney's Office.

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