Stanley to say thank you to those who helped restore the theatre

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Those who donated towards the Stanley Theatre's $23 million restoration will be able to take in a special performance.

Mindreader, mentalist, motivational speaker and New Hartford resident Robert Channing will be putting on a private performance of his many feats on June 3rd.

Through the generous support of Stanley members or "pARTners," along with supporters and donors, the facility was brought back to its original condition. Channing's performance is the Theatre's way of saying thanks.

Channing says having the arts in any community, not just Utica, is extremely important especially for the younger generations, "they are educated on art and we don't have this. Our schools have a small art program but this is where they can really see theatre, see how it works. No one gets that when you're in school so this is what they do benefit the community have entertainment right here in Oneida county."

You can become a new member for $50 and for that, you'll get two tickets to Channing's show.

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