Congressman Arcuri has lunch with 5th graders to talk school nutrition

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Congressman Michael Arcuri sat down for lunch Friday with a different type of crowd than usual - some 5th graders.

Students at Martin Luther King Elementary School in Utica wrote letters to the congressman last month on paper plates. In those letters, the kids were asking for healthier food to make them strong, prevent diabetes and keep them from eating junk food.

Schools all across America are looking for more funding under the "Child Nutrition Act," or at least maintain current funding.

"Every five years, our congress re-appropriates all of the funding for our school lunch program," said Debra Richardson of RCIL (resource Center for Independent Living). "It also includes funding for WIC and after-school and Summer programs."

Congressman Arcuri said the Child Nutrition Act is now in the senate's hands. He is hopeful the funding for school lunches will remain where it's at now and not be cut.

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