Master Plan a work in progress


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - If you are wondering what is going on with Utica's Master Plan, you're not alone. People say they want details. That is why city planner are making the rounds through Utica, meeting with residents to hear their concerns, complaints, and ideas.

Right now the Master Plan is just that, a plan. But it is a plan in progress. City Planners say they are getting closer to implementing the first stages of the plan. They've identified main goals, some of those include downtown development and infrastructure and waterfront development.

Residents say all of those things sound great, but they've been waiting a long time for the Master Plan and want to see it move faster. Utica resident Gloria Enea says they would like to see Downtown Utica get cleaned-up and North Utica be more connected with the rest of the city.

"When I go around the city, I see people that don't keep up their property...if everyone did their share it would look a little better," Enea says.

City Planners are actively seeking input from residents about the Master Plan. If you want to add your two cents, you can visit link

Tuesday morning, Mayor David Roefaro will be giving his State of the City address. The Master Plan is expected to be a main topic.

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