100 passengers transported to Union Station after train accident


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - About 100 passengers returned to Union Station safely but frightened after their Amtrak train side-swiped a CSX train Sunday afternoon.

As people got off the transport buses that took them from the scene to the train station in Downtown Utica, some of the passengers say they were definitely fearing the worst.

Andrew Lee of Springfield, Massachusetts said, "I was watching a movie and all of a sudden, I see these flames coming from under my car, and the woman in front of me screamed and I thought this was going to be pretty bad, so I ran to the back of my car thinking it was going to explode."

The more than the more 100 passengers on board are all thankful it did not. Gina Baldo of Brooklyn said, "You could hear the sound of metal striking metal, large debris sounding noise."

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