Forbes Magazine: Utica is 'worst place to do business'

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Forbes Magazine recently named the City of Utica one of the top ten worst places to do business in the country. They ranked Utica #195 out of 200 metropolitan areas.

Utica got decent marks in some areas, ranking 19th for cost of living and 31st for crime rate.

But the city did poorly in other areas. Forbes lists Utica's job growth as -0.2%. But some Uticans take issue with Forbes list. They say the city might not be booming, but it is far from busted.

"The first thing is, I've never bought a Forbes magazine in my life," says Utica Mayor David Roefaro. "I don't know many people who have."

Roefaro says Utica is moving in a positive direction. The city's bond rating is up and new businesses are opening up downtown.  He says Forbes has got it all wrong.  "I don't think they're right at all. I'm going to invite them to Utica to they can see what a great place we have," he says.

Utica business owner Mike Mancuso agrees. He's been running Tasty Treat, an ice cream shop in North Utica for 16 years. He says business has been steady, and Utica's empty store fronts are just another sign of the times.

"When I drive through downtown, I focus on the positive things happening not the boarded up buildings," he says.

You can check out Forbes rankings here.

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