State Parks' future remains uncertain


ALBANY, NY (WKTV) - Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is calling Governor David Paterson's proposals opening all of New York's state parks and historic sites "inappropriate".

Silver is instead suggesting lawmakers may simply pass a mandate to open all parks.  However, Governor Paterson could veto the legislators mandate.

The Governor sent a bill to the legislature Monday that would put $6 million for parks in a bill that actually reallocates $110 million from the state's

Environmental Protection Fund.  If the proposed legislation passed, all 213 parks would be open starting memorial Day weekend.

The proposal was not presented to either legislative body Monday night.  However, a similar move was made in the State Senate.

Senate Republicans made an amendment to one of the emergency spending extenders Monday night.  The extender calls for all $65 million of the State Power Authority's surplus to be put back into the general fund.  The amendment would have put $6 million of that surplus towards keeping 14 historic sites and 41 parks from closing; with the balance of the surplus going back to the general fund.  According to Republican State Senator Joseph Griffo, Senate Democrats voted the amendment down.

The State Park decision will decide the fate of several locations in Central New York, like the Herkimer Home and Pixley Falls State Park.

Eight parks from across the state have found local or private funding to keep services running.





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