Letter From AT&T to Shooter Describes Past Problems


NEW YORK MILLS, NY (WKTV) - A letter from AT&T to disgruntled customer Abraham Dickan of Utica describes a rocky past.

Dickan entered the AT&T store on Commercial Drive around 1:00 Thursday and shot 37 year old AT&T employee Seth Turk in the abdomen. Turk remains in critical condition at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Utica. Off-duty Rome Police Officer Donald Moore happened to be in the store as a customer at the time and shot and killed Dickan before he could hurt anyone else.

The AT&T letter dated March 31st banned Dickan from not only AT&T's Commercial Drive location in New York Mills, but from any AT&T store or facility throughout the country, and it details why.

It says "You have made racial slurs against two AT&T representatives and have displayed a gun in this store while making threatening comments about 'getting rid of people'. In addition, you visit the store multiple times per week and make disparaging comments about AT&T representatives and make repeated statements that they should all be fired."

That letter helped get Dickan's pistol permit revoked permanently. That happened on Tuesday in Oneida County Court. Two days later, Dickan went back to the Commercial Drive store with a new gun, one he didn't have a permit for. Police say Dickan also had a note with him that he wanted to kill six employees whom police say he believed were responsible for having his permit revoked.

New York Mills Police Chief Robert Swenszkowski say police were never notified directly by anyone from AT&T about that first gun incident or any other incidents involving Dickan. The only way they found out was through Oneida County when they were going through the process of revoking his gun permit because of the AT&T letter.

We tried to contact AT&T's media relations department to learn more about their decision process not to go to police about that initial gun incident, but still have not heard back from them.

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