Some residents in Village of Whitesboro making push to dissolve it


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - Some residents of the 226-year-old village of Whitesboro want to dissolve it.

Ed Misiaszek has been thinking it's the right thing to do for some time. A state law passed last year makes it relatively easy for New York State residents to consolidate or dissolve layers of local government, and that sprang Misiaszek into action.

"I was on the planning board of the village for five years, probably ten years ago, and I thought...'This is kind of crazy, to have all these different governments.' And when the 73% tax rate increase hit, that was a red flag," said Misiaszek, who added that village taxpayers have a lot to gain through dissolution.

"In the town, we pay the identical assessment as the rest of the town," Misiaszek said. "We just get to pay an extra village tax and it's just not right."

Village Mayor Brenda Gilberti said that she believes dissolving the village is an extremely bad idea.

"I think a lot more research has to be done, because the village, in the meantime, can still hold all the debt," Gilberti said. "So any debt we're in, it would still go back to the taxpayers."

Misiaszek said he has more than the required 10% of the electorate's signatures to put the dissolution to a public referendum.

He plans to give the signatures to the Mayor next week.

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