AT&T employee in "fair condition" one week following shooting

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The store employee injured in the AT&T shooting has been upgraded to fair condition at St. Elizabeth Medical Center.

Seth Turk was shot by Abraham Dickan as he worked at a computer in the AT&T wireless store on Commercial Drive last Thursday. That's when Abraham Dickan, a man who store employees had many dealings with in the past, walked into the store armed with a handgun.

AT&T had sent Dickan a letter telling him he was banned from the store and was asked not to return for unruly behavior, racial expletives, and displaying a gun to store employees.

When Dickan returned to the store on May 27 with a handgun and a hit-list of employees who he was upset with, he opened fire, striking Turk.

Off-duty Rome Police Officer Donald Moore, who was in the store as a customer at the time, used his own personal weapon to shoot and kill Dickan.

Police are still looking into how Dickan was able to get his hands on the gun he brought into the store. His pistol license had been revoked following previous incidents at the store with a separate gun.

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