Monday, December 22, 2014

A long road to state championship for Proctor track and field athletes

UTICA, NY (WKTV) - Due to Utica School Budget constraints, the Proctor girls track team is going a long way, just to get to the starting line of the State Championship meet.

The school district plans to bus the team back and forth to Vestal over a two day period instead of staying overnight, because of the cost. In the past the school has provided overnight accommodations for trips outside the local area.

Despite the explanations of financial hardship, one parent is speaking out. John Prendergast, has been watching his daughter Samantha Prendergast run track for four years, now she's a team captain.

"To me its unacceptable, there's safety issues in there," Prendergast said. "You're going to fatigue these poor young athletes, and it takes away the spirit of what they worked so hard for. They just became section three champions the first time, ever in the history of Proctor High School, for girls to win. To me that's a big thing, it should be commended and I don't think the schools done a good job administration wise in acknowledging this."

The stand out team is fast, they recently broke the schools 4x4 record. Still the distance to the championship is slow going.

An employee at the Proctor Athletic Directors office says they're facing tough financial situations like this for the first time ever, but no matter how the team gets to Vestal, they plan to give their best when they get there.