Some residents turn on wind turbine project


SAUQUOIT, NY (WKTV) - A large portion of Sauquoit Valley may be filled with farm land, a new type of farm has neighbors up in arms, wind farms.

Save Sauquoit Valley Views is a group of Sauquoit residents trying to fight industrial sized wind turbines from being built just miles from their homes.

Albany based company North Wind and Power LLC has proposed putting a dozen or more turbines around Dry Hill in Litchfield, although their exact locations have not been confirmed.

Residents opposing the turbines say they stand to loose more than just their views of the Sauquoit Valley. They say the turbines have serious impacts and few benefits. At a meeting at Sauquoit Valley Middle School Wednesday night, residents claimed wind is an expensive and unreliable source of energy, and that Central New York doesn't have the necessary abundant wind resource. Residents also say wind developers, develop based on tax benefits and not always on wind.

Still some residents stand to gain from the turbine project. Ken Brown owns land where turbines could potentially be built.

"They could put three of them up there and for $5,000 or $6,000 a year you know it'd make a good retirement plan," Brown said. "So I'm for it myself."

But for homeowner Sheila Salvatore the argument isn't so cut and dry.

"I think people need to recognize that 450 feet is relative to the height of the Turning Stone Hotel or much higher than the Statue of Liberty," Salvatore said. "These industrial turbines are noisy they have to stop and start, the stopping and starting has been compared to jet engines and they don't always stay facing the same way, its which ever way the wind is blowing."

Salvatore is also concerned about her property values.

"I mean you have to ask yourself, would you prefer to live next to an industrial project or not," asked Salvatore.

Northwind and Power LLC was unavailable for comment on the turbine project Wednesday night.

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