Two Mile Divide in Wind Power Project


LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - Drinking water and power are just two reasons the City of Little Falls is saying "no" when it comes to being a part of a wind power project in Herkimer County.

The Hardscrabble Wind Project would put 37 wind turbines on mountain ranges in the town of Fairfield and Norway, just northeast of Little Falls.

The City of Little Falls has recently rejected a lease proposal from Iberdrola Atlantic Wind for a two mile stretch of underground work. The two mile stretch crosses water shed property in Little Falls, used for their drinking water supply.

The mayor of Little Falls Robert Peters says the risks out weigh the benefits when it comes to the lease.

Fairfield, Norway, the West Canada Valley School District and Herkimer County should reap around $600,000.00 a year from the project. Little Falls could have receive $10,000.00 a year for the two mile lease.

This two mile stretch is very critical to the project because it connects the Fairfield and Norway sites.

But Little Falls mayor Robert Peters says he hoped the company would do more, like work out a deal to bring power at a reduced rate to Little Falls, however that bargaining chip fell short.

"If the deal would have been a little sweeter, and I don't mean money wise, I mean bringing power to Little Falls, we may have done something differently," Peters said.

But the mayor felt for the price of $10,000, it just wasn't the right thing to do, when it came to risking contaminating the water supply.

Iberdrola has not yet announced how they plan to proceed, with an alternate route to continue with this project that has been 5 years in the making.

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