Police tight lipped about teen charged with manslaughter


YORKVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - The investigation into how a two year old girl was killed in Yorkville remains a mystery, at least to the media. 

The investigation is a joint investigation between the Yorkville Police Department and the State Police.  Yorkville police tell WKTV, all information must come from the State Police and State Police Troop D Spokesperson Captain Francis Coots tells us, his hands are tied, he has been told by the "BCI" or Bureau of Criminal Investigation to not release any information to the media, that any questions will be answered on Monday.
The incident happened on Saturday morning on Ney Ave. in Yorkville, just over the Utica city boundary in West Utica.
Police say two year old Melissa Calhoun was killed.  So far, no word on how she was killed, but we do know her 13 year old babysitter has been charged as a juvenile delinquent and charged with 2nd degree manslaughter.  No word on whether the male babysitter is a relative.
That 13 year old boy he has been taken to a detention facility.  Also, still no word on exactly what happened, or whether a weapon was used.
Capt. Coots says even on Monday during an expected press conference, the State Police will not release the teen's name or where he's from.  Coots says that's because the boy has been charged as a juvenile delinquent, and under New York State law, the State Police are not allowed to release his name.
Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara tells us the case is not in the hands of the District Attorney's office, but rather in the hands of Oneida County Family Court and County Attorney John Herbowy.
So far, we have not been able to reach Mr. Herbowy for comment.
There was no one home at 1202 Ney Ave. where the incident happened.
Some neighbors we talked with on Sunday say the family that lives in that home, sort of keep to themselves, and they, as neighbors were wondering what happened when the first police car showed up on Saturday morning.
Vicki Mann who lives not too far away and was heading into a church right on Ney Ave. says her prayers are with the little girl's parents, "I'll pray for them, I can't imagine, I wouldn't want to go through that."

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