Cause of wind turbine collapse remains a mystery

By By the Associated Press

FENNER, N.Y. (AP) - Investigators haven't been able to determine why a 187-ton wind turbine toppled over in northern New York last December.

The Fenner Wind Farm's 20 turbines have been turned off since the incident as the owner, Enel North America, investigated the collapse.

Top industry analysts hired by Enel found no problems with the foundation supporting the turbine. Enel Spokesman Hank Sennott said the foundation was built to specifications and no corners were cut on materials or construction.

Sennott anticipates the wind farm will be up and running by fall. No projections have been made on how much money the company has lost in the nearly six months it has gone without harnessing any wind energy.

Sennott says the industry is constantly evolving with new technology, so he's unsure how the collapse will affect future development of wind farms.

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