Victims urged to reach out for help following first incident of domestic violence

HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Domestic Violence Program staff in Herkimer County say most domestic violence cases are about power and control.

State Police say Adam Theall was the reason for several domestic calls to 911 leading up to the June 22 shooting death of his three-month old son, Eithen. When Theall then refused to lower his long gun and pointed it at law enforcement, officers opened fire on Theall.

He is currently in Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse where he underwent surgery for the 14-16 wounds after police opened fire. Hospital officials said they expect Theall to live, which will mean he will likely face murder charges.

Herkimer County Domestic Violence Program Director Jackie Ward says they urge people to reach out for help after a first incident of domestic violence.

"That initial contact, I think, is really impacting, because it can form a line of trust," Ward said. "And they feel as though they do have an option to turn to."

Ward says the most dangerous times for victims of domestic abuse will occur within three to six months of the time the couple splits.

Herkimer County Catholic Charities has a 24 hour hotline for victims - 315-866-0458.

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