Future uncertain for Frankfort's Police Chief position


FRANKFORT, NY (WKTV) - The Village of Frankfort Board of Trustees met behind closed doors Thursday to talk about personnel issues. Herkimer County Personnel Director, Steve Billings, spoke at the meeting specifically about one position, the chief of police.

Current Frankfort Police Chief, Steve Conley, is accused of assaulting one of his officers and a Herkimer County coroner, in two separate incidents.

The Board of Trustee's requested a canvas from Billings for the police chief position. Although Billings could not confirm if Chief Conley is retiring in the near future, he did say six letters were sent out to candidates for the chief position.

Three who received a canvass letter declined, and three were willing to accept. The three willing to accept were Scott Beach, James Goldsmith and John Brucker.

According to Billings one person who was willing to accept, John Brucker, is restricted from certification because his police training has expired. Scott Beach is a former Little Falls Police Officer. James Goldsmith is a retired Utica Police Officer who also worked part time with the Frankfort Police.

Requirements for the job include four years as a police officer and a minimum score of 70 on the police chief exam.

"The village asked me to do a canvas to see which candidates are interested in the position," Billings said. "Right now the list would be two people, which is called a non-mandatory list. Meaning, if there was an opening here in Frankfort for the Chief's position, the village could hire one of those two people on the current list or they could hire someone on a provisional basis. Whoever they hired provisionally would have to meet the minimum qualifications."

All board members refused to comment Thursday, both before and after the meeting on the personnel issues at hand.

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