Theall pleads not guilty to 2nd degree murder charge

FLOYD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Adam Theall was arraigned on 2nd degree murder charges Saturday night. The late arraignment happened at 10:30 in Town of Floyd Court. Theall entered a plea of "not guilty."
Theall was transported from Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse to court by state troopers. He arrived in court in a wheel chair and appeared to be weak, groaning and complaining of pain.
The judge did not allow audio to be recorded in the court room, only video.
Theall did not have an attorney present, but requested Rebecca Whitman represent him. He only spoke once in court, asking the judge how long the maximum sentence he could receive would be.
Theall was charged with 2nd degree murder, a felony, after he shot his 3 month old son Eithen on Tuesday.

A preliminary Felony hearing is scheduled for this Thursday at 2:00pm in Town of Floyd Court.

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