Atunyote Golf Course sees repairs and final touch ups before Championship

By Dave Dellecese

VERONA - The Atunyote Golf Course, host to the Turning Stone Resort Championship, closed last Friday for repairs and final touch-ups.

And now with just a week to go how much work needs to be done?

As the B.C. Open came to a close last year, the buzz was: "what can the Turning Stone do with a year's worth of preperation?"

Well, that year has finally come to a close, and with just one week to go, golf officials here at Atunyote say they are ready for the first ever Turning Stone Resort Championship.

Driving around the back stretches of the Atunyote Golf Course you can see the changes from last year's B.C. Open.

New bleachers, a Jumbo-Tron that will come in the next few days and hospitality tents as far as the eye can see. Now with just 8 days left, it's the final touches that are being applied.

"They really don't have to do anything to the golf course itself but just the structure of the putting the sides on the tents and finishing up just the final touches--the detailing, so to speak," said Robert Todd, Director of Golf at Turning Stone.

Fans aren't the only ones that will see changes. Golfers returning from last year's B.C. Open will see dramatic changes to the course, making play a little more difficult.

You will see probably higher scores, as well as taller rough reaching almost five inches. The length of the course went up 160 yards, also lengthened on the par 5 and par 4s. So, things could be a little longer this year.

With everything coming together the way they had hoped, officials at Turning Stone are now just counting down the hours until the first Tee- Time...when all the golf world's eyes will be focused in on Turning Stone.

That Tee-time for this year's Turning Stone Resort Championship is early next Thursday morning. But, a week's worth of fun starts here next Monday with the first Pro-Am event.

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