Father of Fallen Hero: Knowing Blair, he went down fighting


LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV)- 19-year-old Blair Thompson of Rome made the ultimate sacrifice while defending the country he loved. Now his father is sharing memories of his fallen hero son.

Vincent Thompson spoke Tuesday night, from his heart about his son, Army Specialist Blair Thompson.
Thompson died in the line of duty in Afghanistan on Friday, when his unit was ambushed.

Blair Thompson had been in Afghanistan less than two months when he was injured, taking shrapnel to his face and body while he worked as the turret gunner.
But instead of taking time off because of his injury, he once again faced the front lines. The brave soldier was just a two hour walk from the boarder of Pakistan.

Vincent Thompson described Blair as being always modest about his accomplishments and never afraid to defend his country even if it meant making the ultimate sacrifice.

Blair joined the service right out of high school at just 17 years old.

Now Blair's father wants everyone to know that he's honored to be an "army dad." Blair gave his father a hat that reads "army dad." Vincent Thompson says he never personally had the honor of serving, he wears the hat with pride because his son was so dedicated to the land he loved.

"Blair went there understanding all the risks, and took all of us in his heart because he wanted to defend us from anything bad that could happen, and he gave his life doing that," Vincent Thompson said. "To me that's just a true, true, true American, a true patriot and a true hero. I believe that describes my son."

Social Networking Memorial
Many family and friends have posted their memories of Blair Thompson on this facebook wall. Vincent says by reading the posts, he's learning little things about his son he never knew before. Like a time he helped a little girl dunk a basketball by holding her up.

Those snap shot memories online and old pictures, reinforce the image of the man he raised and lost far too soon.

Remembering Blair
A public wake will be held for Thompson at the Barry Funeral home in Rome. His funeral will be held at St. Peters Catholic Church. He will also be remembered at a ceremony at Fort Stanwix, but dates for those events are pending the return of his body to Rome.

Vincent Thompson says he wants everyone who knew and loved his son to have the opportunity to pay their respects and say goodbye, even if he says the fallen soldier wouldn't have wanted a big event in his honor.

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