Lessons of 2006 B.C. Open lead to changes in 2007 Atunyote Course

By Dave Dellecese

VERNON - After a year of preparation following last summer's B.C. Open last summer, the Atunyote Golf Club is ready to welcome the PGA Tour back to Central New York.

Professionals and amatuer golfers played this morning, some of the PGA Pros getting an early taste of the 2007 version of Atunyote.

Officials hope the renovated course is a lot more challenging than last year's.

After seeing extremely low scores in the 06' open, the course was changed dramatically. Tees were pushed back, fairways narrowed, trees brought in, and the rough was made a lot tougher.

For those struggling during the practice rounds, the nation brought in a sports psychologist to help stabilize golfers' mentally.

"First thing we talk about is their internal dialogue," said Dr. Jack Singer, a Sports Psychologist. "Self talk. What do you say to yourself? What's your pre-shot routine? It probably doesn't involve anything mentally, but it should. Then I teach them visualization skills. Tteach them where they want the ball to go."

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