Pro-Shops help the pro and the amateur get their gear for the green

VERNON - The Turning Stone Championship is now officially underway at Atunyote in Vernon, and that means the pros are out and about.

Hundreds of professional and pro-am golfers have been swarming the greens. In our first all access pass we wanted to know what the pros are spending on this popular sport.

They practice for hours on end. Walk miles and miles, and their clubs really take a beating.

Lucky for them, the pros don't spend anything, they are under contract.

But even with free clubs something could go wrong.

Bob Flanders with the Atunyote Pro Shop says when millions of dollars are at stake you can't afford to have your nine iron shooting a bogie.

"Sometimes on the driving range, a club will break and there is actually a trailer there that takes care of all their needs," said Flanders. "They check their clubs everyday, they mess around with their grips and they adjust their clubs. these guys know exactly what they want."

If you're not a pro? If you're planning on hitting up the links, there's one thing you'll need to hit that hole in one.

"A putter," Flanders said. "I'd say if there is any club in the bag for me it's a putter. Usually they have one putter that they really like. And like myself if i don't have my putter I'm not playing."

From time to time, golfers forget things while on tour or just from going course to course. That's where the pro shop comes in.

They have everything from t-shirts to balls to rain gear. And if you want to get in on some of the merchandise, the shop is set up so you can't miss it.

You actually have to walk right through it to get into the course.

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