For golfers' wives, it's more than a spectator sport; it's a lifestyle

By Dave Dellecese

VERNON - For the majority of fans, golf is a spectator sport.

But for the golfer and their wives, it is a lifestyle.

"You are hopping on plane after plane week after week different state different hours hours that add up," said Marisa Brigman, wife to golfer DJ Brigman.

The pros often spend more than 32 weeks a year on the road, and that means a lot of time away from their families.

DJ Brigman and his wife, Marisa, have been married for eight years. DJ has been calling the greens his office for seven of those years.

"Trying to stay connected is one of the hardest jobs of a golfer's wife," Marisa Brigman said. "To stay supportive."

Marisa does not travel to every tour with her husband, but when she does, there she is no doubt his biggest fan.

"When I travel with him it is a confirmation for me that the time we spend apart is worth it," she said. "When I get to see him it solidifies for me that this is his dream and I will always support that."

And it is that support that can mean the difference between just another game for these men, and a game with a purpose.

"It is nice looking over and seeing her on the side having a familiar face to see you especially," DJ Brigman said. "It' s nice to have someone there for support...let me smile and forget about the bogie I made."

And when they do get some time off they say that quality is sometimes better than quantity.

"The time we have individually to reconnect is so important," she said. "We always like each other because there is no time to fight."

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