Herkimer County native searching for long-lost siblings

(WKTV) - Family is synonymous with holidays. One Herkimer County native's Christmas wish is to find the family she didn't know existed until she was 25.
Tina Powell Stanley lives in North Carolina now. She lived most of her life thinking she was an only child, with no siblings from her parents -- until an otherwise uneventful phone call from her mother.
"My mom was talking to me on the phone one day and just thought she had told me before and mentioned it and I said 'no.....i didn't know about that."
"That" was the fact that her mother had given birth to a twin son and daughter 10 years prior...and given them up for adoption.
"They were very poor, I'm assuming. She didn't want to talk about it. She didn't like the idea of trying to find them, I guess the guilt. She was 69 years old when she told me".
So without her mother's help or blessing, Tina Powell Stanley set on a relentless mission to find her siblings.
"Daily. Constantly. I work, I come home and I'm on the computer every night."
Powell Stanley has accumulated reams of paper, documenting her efforts. So far, she's encountered nothing but dead ends, as these records in New York state are sealed. All she knows is that her siblings were born in Herkimer Memorial Hospital on July 25, 1959. Her parents moved to Virginia shortly after. For now, she clings to hopes and dreams of a reunion with the siblings she never knew.
"Very emotional. I can't imagine, it's seeing my parents again. I'm sure they look like my parents. My dad died when i was 12, so that's a long time ago".
Powell Stanley hopes someone, perhaps a nurse or doctor who worked in the hospital at the time of the birth, will see her story and share what they know
"It's been 54 years ago so they're probably 74 or above, now," says Powell Stanley.
Anyone with any information for Tina Powell Stanley can e-mail her at
"I'm really deep into it now.....I'm destined to find them. I won't stop until I find them," says Powell Stanley.

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