A new Utica landmark receives a dedication ceremony


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - That new "Welcome Sign" as you enter Utica was officially dedicated on Monday, for what County Officials said symbolizes a bright future for the city.

The Mayor, County Executive, multiple elected officials and the creator of the sign himself, Frank Giotto introduced and spoke about what they call a new Utica landmark.

Giotto said the 7 years it took to create this sign was well worth it, " Why Utica? Well I was born in Utica and it was years ago that I thought a sign as people pass through North Utica on the thruway to show the location of our beautiful city would be beneficial to the area ...And the idea turned into a reality."

Senator Joseph Griffo was at the ceremony praising everyone's hard work and said, "We want to continue to work hard to achieve a vibrant community not just one that is surviving but one that is thriving."

The vibrant sign stands 24 by 125 feet and spells out U-T-I-C-A in bright red lights. The sign is also lined with fiber optics so the color may change in the future.

Giotto and his board of directors hope this sign is a spring-board for more to come in Utica.

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