AAA warns Thanksgiving travelers to be careful of drowsy driving


More than 43 million people across the country are hopping on planes, driving their cars, or taking public transportation to spend time this Thanksgiving with family and friends.

While the numbers of people traveling are on the rise from last year, reports show people are spending less and are going shorter distances comparatively.

In 2011, the average person spent $574 on their Turkey Day travel plans compared to $498 this year. Last year, the average person traveled 706 miles compared to 588 miles this year.

With the heavy activity expected on the roads Wednesday, AAA wants to remind drivers to be careful.

"One of the concerns we have this time of the year, especially with so many people driving, is the drowsy driving problem," said Ed Welch of AAA. "Normally if you work all day and then 10 or 11 o'clock at night that is your normal sleep pattern. We recommend people don't drive during their normal sleep pattern. "

If you do become tired while you are driving, pull over at a rest stop, get some air, and stretch your legs.

AAA representatives say if you need to, you can also take a quick power nap in your vehicle.

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