ARC Oneida-Lewis Chapter celebrates Boilermaker runners

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Boilermaker is an unforgettable experience, and for those who run in honor of someone else, the race holds something a little extra special.

Boilermaker bibs are highly sought after, but each year the Boilermaker gives out 200 to local charities.

On Tuesday, the ARC Oneida-Lewis celebrated 10 runners raising money for individuals who have received support for their disabilities through the ARC. The money raised by these charity bibs goes right back to the ARC to support future services.

"Any money we get is for people with disabilities, whether it's for family support programs, it could be for early intervention programs," said Karen Korotzer, chief executive officer of ARC Oneida Lewis.

The ARC Oneida Lewis has raised $15,000 so far just through the charity bibs, and money is still coming in.

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