AT&T shooting victim files notice of claim


NEW HARTFORD, NY (WKTV) - The victim of the AT&T shooting from May 27th, may take legal action against several law enforcement agencies and two municipalities.

Seth Turk has filed a notice of claim against; the Village of New York Mills, New York Mills Police Department, Oneida County, the Oneida County Sheriff's Department, the Utica Police Department and the New Hartford Police Department. Turk is seeking damages for pain and suffering, medical costs and lost income.

Turks wife, Shelli Turk is also a claimant in the notice. The claim is requesting she be compensated because she says Seth Turk can no longer perform the services or duties of a husband in a marital household.

The notice of claim suggests that the respondents were neglectful in identifying the risk the shooter turned out to be.

Seth Turk was shot by disgruntled AT&T customer Abraham Dickan. The 79-year-old Dickan came into the store with a list of names and a loaded gun. After shooting Turk, off-duty Rome Police Officer Donald Moore shot and killed Dickan, potentially saving a number of lives.

Dickan was upset with AT&T employees because his pistol permit was revoked after store officials complained of threats Dickan made to staff. Dickan had also been previously banned from the store.

Attorney Robert Julian is representing the Turks.

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