Accusations fly in the race for Oneida County Clerk


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - A battle is unfolding in the race for Oneida County Clerk.
Both Democratic Incumbent Sandy DePerno and Republican Challenger Tony Falchi say false accusations are flying these final days before the election.

Falchi says there's been a shortfall in DePerno's anticipated revenue.
DePerno says that is because she fought against the governor's attempt to require people to buy new license plates. That plan was dropped, so the money the county would have made never came.

Falchi says it still doesn't add up.

"We need a county clerk that's going to be pro-active and be involved in their own budget," Falchi said. "The County Executive is a watchdog overall of the budget, but the county clerk is supposed to be able to run her own department."

"Obviously, my opponent doesn't understand what the duties of the county clerk are, DePerno said to the accusation. "He has no idea what the clerk does, and it's astounding to me."

Falchi says that under DePerno's charge, the clerk's office collected thousands of dollars less when compared to previous administrations in fees.

DePerno says former county clerks sold the public's personal information to companies like Data Tree, and while it brought in money for the county, she put an end to selling residents' information.   

Falchi also claims DePerno uses the company vehicle for personal use. DePerno says it's strictly for business.

 "She chose to lease a Ford Edge, she uses it exclusively, she continues to lie about that - we've seen her driving it, she takes it home - she admitted on a local radio station...called it a 'perk' of the job," Falchi said at a press conference Wednesday.

"He has no idea what the intent of this vehicle or what it's used for," DePerno said. "It's used by all departments in my office. It's used to move boxes from the regional record center which is 22 miles round trip from my office."

Falchi says the first thing he will do if elected is conduct an internal audit of the clerk's office. DePerno says Falchi's accusations are all false.

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