Accusations flying in the Utica 5th District Council race


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The race for the Fifth District seat in Utica's Common Council is getting ugly.

The two candidates are alternating between making accusations against each other and defending themselves against against those barbs.

Unity Party Challenger Jeffrey Boykin challenges the authenticity of Democrat Incumbent Jerome McKinsey's petition signatures.

"Out of 18 pages, Mr. McKinsey submitted 152 names," Boykin said. "I found 73-78 names on here that were no good. We have peoples on this petition who is now living in Florida, who has not been here in seven years. My question is, how did they names get on this petition?"

McKinsey is calling it "a smoke screen."

Incumbent Jerome McKinsey says "I've never been arrested for any criminal activity in my life. I feel this is a ploy by my opponent, Jeffrey Boykin, to take the light off of the fact that his daughter got caught stealing my campaign signs."

Boykin's daughter, Tascheona Herron, has been charged with petit larceny by police for allegedly stealing several campaign signs.

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