Accused killer's defense attorney files motions Friday

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - A trial for a Utica man accused of stabbing another man to death in April may be inching closer.

Lawrence Abbott, 71, is charged with murder. On Friday, motions were filed by the defense. On April 30, 60-year-old Paul Grimes of Utica was stabbed to death inside the Howard Avenue apartment of Carmen Ramos.

Ramos and Grimes had reportedly been dating for years, but Ramos had recently met Abbott.

During a felony hearing in June, a Utica police officer testified Abbott was still inside the apartment when officers arrived, and he said Abbott handed over a pocket knife that he admitted he washed off before police had arrived.

"Well, there's some indication that he's made some statements to the police regarding this incident, and we've asked that those statements be examined by the court and see if the court will evaluate whether they were made freely, voluntarily and with all the Constitutional protections," Leland McCormac, public defender, said.

Abbott is due back in court Aug. 22. The prosecution will respond to the motions.

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