Adult arcade opens its doors in Rome

By WKTV News

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - After nearly drowning in a sea of red tape, two local women finally cut the ribbon on a unique business they've been trying to open in the city of Rome for the past several months.

Mrs. C's Arcade is named for co-manager Gloria Ceresoli's mother. The gaming machines resemble slots, but players push buttons instead of pulling arms on the games' sides. And Ceresoli says they're not games of chance.

"These are games of skill so they're different; you actually have to stop them yourself. There's a lot of mathematical things; you have to pick and choose what you feel is more important. There's some speed games involved. You can play 8 cents up to two, three dollars," says Ceresoli.

Winners don't win money; they win gift cards to their choice of participating local businesses or a Visa gift card, which Ceresoli hopes will help stimlate local business activity. Within the first hour of opening, Ceresoli said the arcade already had a $750 winner.

The arcade is open 10am - 10pm; til midnight Friday and Saturday and closed Monday.

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