Aerial Yoga, a big hit in New Hartford


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - If you are a fan of yoga, or have never tried it, you may find a new class being offered in New Hartford very intriguing.

It's called aerial yoga and it's being offered at the Body By Design Group Fitness Studio.

Owner Jennifer Venezio says the idea came from Fran Sperling, a New Hartford native, who now lives in New York City and owns a company called Skybody Systems.

Sperling, who came home for a visit two months ago decided to take a yoga class at Body By Design while she was here and told Venezio about how popular aerial yoga is at her studio called Skybody Aerial Fitness and Dance on the Upper West Side of New York City.

Now two months later, Sperling came back home to hold a weekend-long aerial yoga workshop at Body By Design and to also certify a couple of instructors in teaching aerial yoga classes.

Sperling says aerial Yoga is practiced on a soft fabric trapeze suspended from the rafters, down to waist-height, and participants perform a variety of yoga poses which lets gravity do all the work.

Venezio says she has had such positive feedback from those who have participated, she will be holding three classes in at her studio each week as well as one on one training.

Body By Design is located at 23 Campion Rd. in New Hartford, in a complex just a couple of parking lots down from Cavallo's.

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