Agriculture Commissioner tours Aqua Vita Farms in Sherrill


SHERRILL, N.Y. (WKTV) - "I have never seen one producing as much as they are here with the potential of producing a lot more down the road." said Assemblyman Bill Mcgee as he took a tour of Aqua Vita Farms in Sherrill on Monday.

However, that growth can't happen without more funding. So, Mark Doherty, owner of Aqua Vita Farms in Sherrill, invited the Agriculture and Market Commissioner to Aqua Vita Farms for a tour of the facility, and to express some of the issues they're facing.

"Our biggest difficulty has been financing. It's been expensive to do a start up like his and we've spent a great deal of money to get to where we are at this point, but we've created a product that is highly sought after, demand is about triple what we're producing and our biggest challenge right now is finding the funding to get us to that next stage," remarked Doherty.

Aqua Vita is hoping to expand and keep up with the high demand. They're also hoping to add four to five more jobs at their farm, but again, they need the funding first. And with only a handful of other Aquaponics operations in the nation, the commissioner knows this is important.

Commissioner Darrel Aubertine, said he was impressed with the facility.

"I don't think that there's any substitute for actually being on site. To actually get a better understanding whether it's a dairy farm, an apple orchard or an aqua farm, such as this. I just think that being able to have a first hand knowledge of what's taking place here...I think everyone has an understanding that one of the Governor's main priorities are creating jobs, but also another priority is consuming locally grown produce, locally grown food and healthy food," Commissioner Aubertine said, adding "This operation cuts across a lot of different grains, not just potential job creation, but producing locally grown food."

For more on Aqua Vita Farms, you can visit their website.

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