All charges dropped against former correction officer

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - He lost his job as a state correction officer, his reputation as a law-abiding citizen and he nearly lost custody of his son -- all based on what is now known as false accusations of abuse and domestic violence.

The final criminal charge against Craig Lockwood of Remsen was dropped Monday morning in Oneida County Court. But as his attorney points out, Lockwood's problems are far from over.

The flood of accusations of assault, harassment and stalking began in October, leading to multiple arrests for Lockwood. He's caught in a bitter custody dispute with his estranged wife over their 1-year-old son, so the orders of protection she secured against him would have hurt his chances of getting custody of his son.

But Savannah Loce-Lockwood has since admitted she made it all up. A judge dropped the last criminal charge against Lockwood on Monday -- at the prosecution's request.

But his attorney says Lockwood is still paying the price.

"His fears are, I think, legitimate when you've been arrested as many time as he has in such a short period time," George Massoud, Lockwood's attorney said. "Every time he hears somebody come through the driveway, you feel that's the police coming again. It's not like he was just arrested once in the course of a year."

Lockwood's attorney says his main goals now are winning full custody of his son and getting his job back. Prosecutors say Savannah Loce Lockwood will likely be charged.

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