Amid EEE fears, Village of Sylvan Beach spraying for mosquitoes every two weeks

By WKTV News

SYLVAN BEACH, N.Y. (WKTV) - With the threat of "Eastern Equine Encephalitis" a little too close for comfort, one village has been taking precautions against mosquitoes all summer long.

The Village of Sylvan Beach sprayed Wednesday night for mosquitoes. Village officials say they spray every two weeks, weather-permitting, to keep the pests away.

The company that sprays is based out of Lowville.

EEE has been in the headlines very recently, after a young girl from Oswego County died from it. A horse in Westmoreland, which was suffering from neurological symptoms associated with EEE, was euthanized recently and subsequent testing confirmed the virus. The Oneida County Health Department reported that its first positive mosquito pool was discovered in the western part of the county bordering Oswego County. This is the same area that produced a number of positive EEE samples in August of last year resulting in aerial spraying to suppress the adult mosquito population.

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