Andrew Cuomo makes stop at Lewis County Fair


LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - He's leading in the state's gubernatorial polls, and he's outpacing them in campaign funding, but Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is still making the stumping rounds, making a stop Thursday at the Lewis County Fair.

You can't get a more picture perfect setting for a gubernatorial candidate to meet potential voters than a fair. And that's just what Andrew Cuomo did.

He strolled the grounds of the fair in Lowville with his three daughters and niece in tow, shaking hands, buying cotton candy, and even watching a cow get a dose of medicine. Agriculture is a big industry in the area. It's the number one industry and it has had its fair share of tough times - especially for dairy farmers.

Cuomo says its an issue he takes seriously and wants to improve.

"We have to get more creative," Cuomo said. "There's a big market for locally grown. The state can help with marketing that. The state can do more with farmland protection. I've been talking to small farm owners, large farm owners all across the state, and they're all saying the same thing - they're having trouble making ends meet."

Cuomo does have a sizeable lead over his GOP counterparts - Rick Lazio and Carl Paladino - both in the polls and in campaign funds. So, when asked how he avoids complacency in his campaign, he replied it simply doesn't happen.

He says at this point it's no longer about fighting for funding for downstate versus upstate - it's about bringing the state as a whole out of the red.

"You can't keep taxing businesses, because they will leave and they are leaving," Cuomo said. "So that's the first order of business - getting a government that works for the people and getting that fiscal house in order once and for all."

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