Animal Planet's "Gator Boys" visit Central New York


ONEIDA, N.Y. (WKTV) - With the weather finally beginning to shift towards spring, "Summit of Oneida" is set to put on the 23rd "Big East Camping and Outdoor Sports Show," this weekend.
While the show is taking place at the Turning Stone Jimmy Riffle of the hit Animal Planet show, Gator Boys, was at Summit cars in Oneida, Thursday, with a real baby alligator to preview the event.
The "Gator Boy" spoke with the media and met fans who even got pet the small reptile.
While Riffle may be featured on a nationally-televised show, he stated that he loves hitting the road because it allows him to generate interest for something that is very near to his heart.
"Alligator wrestling is a culture down in South Florida, it's a tradition and its been apart of the history there for many years that we like to keep alive," Riffle said. "By traveling and doing these shows we get to keep that tradition alive and show people what they might not be able to see."

Riffle will put his home traditions on display at the Turning Stone beginning Saturday at 11 a.m.  

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