Antique Appraisal Show at The Stanley a big hit


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Rosalie Mikus of Utica says she watches The Antique Road Show on PBS whenever it's on, so when she heard about a similar road show coming to The Stanley in Utica, she set her calendar to be there.
Sunday was that day, and Rosalie found out, the Royal Doulton ceramic dog figurine her mother bought on Genesee St. in Utica in the 1940's for $1.00, was now worth at least $125.00.
Mikus was just one of many area residents who lugged their old relics down to get them appraised.
The Landmarks Society of Greater Utica sponsored the Antique Appraisal Road Show and all proceeds from the show will be used by the Landmarks Society to help renovate the old mansions on Rutger St. in Utica.
Landmarks Society of Greater Utica Board Trustee Karen M. Day helped organize Sunday's event, which featured professional appraisers from all over the northeast.

Day says some people who attend actually walk away with some cash as the appraisers sometimes will offer to buy certain items, "If you have a piece that you are interested in selling, they will, if they are interested in buying your pieces.  If you have something that's at home that's big, they will set up a home visit to check it out and they may make an offer there too." 

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