Appellate Court grants Utica temporary injunction, ambulance service can continue


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The City of Utica will continue to operated its ambulance service, beyond a temporary stay it was granted until the end of July.

The appellate court has granted the City of Utica a preliminary injunction, which permits them to lawfully continue to operate its ambulance service, subject to the city submitting their appeal papers.

"The court said we may continue to operate the ambulance service subject to perfecting our appeal on our before October 3," said Mary Roach, an attorney for the City of Utica.

Roach said that paperwork is already set to go for submission.

A regional council had originally denied the city a certificate of need, beginning a lengthy and ongoing court battle.

The city had been granted a temporary stay through the end of July. That would have meant the ambulance services from the city would have had to come to a halt in August. However, this most recent decision means they can continue.

Officials with the privately-owned Kunkel Ambulance, which had operated in the city for five decades without competition, claimed they were hit hard when the city began its own ambulance service in 2005, also stating that they feel they offered a better level of care to residents.

The City of Utica says that it gains more than a half-million dollars a year in revenue from the ambulance service since its inception in 2005, and had spent more than $100,000 for legal fees defending that service.

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