Alleged Otsego County scam victim speaks out


SPRINGFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Jerry and Camille Arsenault are accused of bilking local contractors and businesses out of a half million dollars and faced the judge Thursday night in Springfield Town Court for their arraignment. They are being charged with grand larceny and scheme to defraud.

Burton Excavation, one of their alleged victims was also in court as well as the Arsenaults' son and attorney.

Don Burton, from Burton Excavation said the Arsenaults owe him over $100,000 dollars, "It cost us a lot of money but we kept it up... Its been two and a half years going on three that we've been keeping up on this, trying to find Jerry which I guess it's come to that point where they located where he was and brought him back here to serve him here. Hopefully something is going to come of this."

Burton said he came to the court house in order to find out what happened to that 100,000 dollars the Arsenaults owe his company, " We built a bunk house, prepped the ground for parking lots, septic systems, water, electric, a bunch of drainage and prepared it for season open."

A total of 19 Contractors locally and statewide claim to have received bounced checks from the Arsenaults, but Burton feels this may not have happened if it wasn't for a few protestors of the softball field, " I think when they filed the thing from stopping him from working took all of his money from that to try to keep things going and we were basically told to keep doing what we were doing because they wanted to open the camp up which they did."

Burton said the camp was open for four weeks, " It wasn't all his fault. It's hard luck. He gave it his all no doubt about it...but things fell apart for him."

The Arsenaults' attorney plans to appeal the current bail and even the court house, so they may be going to county court sooner.

The two plan to plead not guilty. A felony hearing is set for next Thursday the 15th.

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