Artists pair with Empire Recycling to create art out of scraps


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - On Earth Day, many people try to go green and find ways to improve the environment.

But one local organization is creating art with leftover scrap metal.

Empire Recycling Corporation allows resident artists from Sculpture Space to pick through what some might consider junk for a charity auction. The artist is given $100 worth of discarded aluminum, steel and copper to make their vision come to life.

Patrick Vedder of Dolgeville got his hands a little dirty Tuesday trying to find unique pieces from the yard to create something new.

"Because it's Earth Day, I'm inspired to do something a little more environmental," Vedder said. "I usually see a shape and I run with the shape and an idea."

The event is an Earth Day tradition that has been going on for more than decade. Each artist will repurpose the scraps for auction on Sept. 27. The proceeds will benefit Sculpture Space.

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