Artists turning scrap into sculptures


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A local company and some local artists have paired up to celebrate the most famous mother of all time, Mother Earth.

Earth Day is a day to celebrate the ground we walk on, the air we breath and to promote environmental protection and a few locals were doing just that on Monday.

Empire Recycling of Utica has kept their Earth Day tradition and paired up with local artists to celebrate. The artists, who are from Sculpture Space, an organization in town which provides residency to artists from around the world, are welcomed into Empire's main yard complex to pick up and take as much scrap metal as they want, all for free.

Sculpture Space alums even showed up for the event, ready to get their hands dirty and to find some hidden treasures amongst the scraps. Aimee Tarasek was one of those alums who has come back every few years to experience the tradition and to find some unique new pieces from the yard to sculpt something new.

"It's nice to find different materials to work with and participate with Empire through Sculpture Space, Tarasek said.

Some works of art that Sculpture Space artists will create and re-purpose from the pieces they collect will be featured and sold at their auction in the spring.

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