As site construction begins, West Rome Drive-In set to re-open for Summer 2012


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Construction is now underway on a new location for a car dealership in Rome, one that will keep the West Rome Drive-In open.

Davidson Auto Group on East Dominick Street says they'll be expanding and moving to Rome-Taberg Road, where the West Rome's Drive-In theater stands and has stood for decades.

However, Don and Doug Davidson say they won't be knocking it down after seeing the public's strong interest in it.

"I don't wish it to be closed at all," says Camden resident Christy Swinney. "It's something to keep around here, extra to do with our family and it's a good place to have."

What will change is the Drive-In's old screen on the eastern side, which will be taken down this season, and a newer screen on the western end that will be moved to the property's north end.

The 14 acres of the new site allows Davidson Auto Group to build a new 28,000 square foot building and keep the Drive-In, one of less than 30 left in the state.

"I think it's a good idea to keep something preserved, keep something that was there before, something that doesn't need to be knocked down like everything else," says Craig Crouse of Westmoreland.

The Davidsons expect to open their new dealership in May and have the Drive-In open in Summer 2012, as it normally would, creating a seamless transition.

While Davidson Auto Group owns the property, they've made a deal with Zurich Cinemas Corporation to continue running the Drive-In.

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