Assemblyman Brindisi pushing for tougher animal abuse laws

By NEWSChannel 2 Staff

ALBANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - In response to the discovery of two local dogs from Utica who were shot and left on train tracks in Whitestown this week, Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi says he is sponsoring legislation that would change the way certain animal cruelty violations are classified under the law, creating harsher penalties for animal abusers.

"It's time to strengthen protections for animals, and hold abusers accountable for such deplorable acts," Brindisi said. "For many, pets play a central part in a family. Horrific crimes like this one cannot be taken lightly and I will not sit idly by as abusers receive a mere slap on the wrist."

Earlier this week, after a railroad worker discovered the bodies of the two Pitbull-Sheperd mixes, Whitestown Police were called to the scene. Officers discovered they were the same dogs that had gone missing from a home in Utica on February 18.

Assemblyman Brindisi says that as with most cases of animal abuse, it is likely that the person or people responsible for the death of these dogs will only face misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. Brindisi's legislation would increase the penalty for animal abuse charges and make sure the abusers receive the appropriate punishment.

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