Assemblyman Tedisco addresses concerns about alleged Montgomery County puppy mill

(WKTV)- Some residents in the Montgomery County area have been expressing concerns about what they believe to be a puppy mill in the town of Sprakers.

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco addressed their concerns on Facebook.

His post read as follows:

"Many of you have contacted me since last night about this case in Sprakers, NY (Montgomery County) where about 100 dogs are being left outside in the freezing cold with plastic barrels as shelter.

I've reached out to state and local law enforcement on this and they tell me that the minimum standards of the law are being enforced. That's not good enough. This is why the Governor needs to sign anti-puppy mill legislation (A.740A/S3753A) that I co-sponsored, and that was one of our priorities for NYS Animal Advocacy Day, to enable local governments to regulate puppy mills and pet dealers.

If the state refuses to protect those who have no voice then our local governments should have the ability stop these puppy mills which keep our four-legged friends in such deplorable conditions.

Call Gov. Cuomo TODAY at (518) 474-8390 and tell him to sign the puppy mill bill which is on his desk right now. And if he won't sign it, I'll be calling for a veto override of the puppy mill bill which passed the Legislature by a wide bi-partisan margin."

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